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Jungha’s maternity session

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Check out these beautiful photos of Jungha’s maternity session with us. Jungha is expecting her second baby very soon and she wanted to take a moment and

make this precious journey into the portraits. Maternity session is really special session for mom and her family because becoming a mother is one of the greatest milestones in our lives.


1 Year Old + Baby, Family Photo

Fun photo time with Minjun’s family!

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Minjun’s family had a great time with us for their family photo time! They matched their outfits with sky blue color together and it made pictures so great!

Their youngest one, Minjun became 1 year old, so we tried to capture his cute faces in many different angles and poses and luckily, he followed us very well. Thanks Minjun!

1 Year Old + Baby, Hanbok

Introduce Brendan!

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Look at Brendan, he looks so gorgeous with his beautiful hanbok! Hanbok is a traditional Korean outfit that babies wear for their 1st birthday. This big boy was such a energetic and happy boy who made everyone laugh all the time. We enjoyed working with Brendan’s family!

100 Days Baby

Say hello to this cutie pie!!

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Say hello to this cutie pie, Reon! Reon is now 100 days old, so his family decided to make great memories for him. This little guy matched a baby bear costume with his daddy and it’s soooo cute!

We enjoyed so much working with little bunny, Reon!

100 Days Baby

Meet Clara, 100 days old!

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We love this cutie pie, Clara! She is now 3 months old and she made everyone happy with her precious smile. It was a definitely pleasure to work with this wonderful family, come visit us again!

100 Days Baby

Meet Adorable Twins!


This is one of my favorites and I just LOVED these cutie pies!

If you have a twin or are expecting to have a twin, Tangram studio wants to photograph your lovely ones!

“Two is better than one”, Yes, indeed!