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1 Year Old + Baby, Family Photo

Fun photo time with Minjun’s family!

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Minjun’s family had a great time with us for their family photo time! They matched their outfits with sky blue color together and it made pictures so great!

Their youngest one, Minjun became 1 year old, so we tried to capture his cute faces in many different angles and poses and luckily, he followed us very well. Thanks Minjun!

1 Year Old + Baby, Hanbok

Meet princess Olivia!

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This precious baby girl, Olivia came to our studio for her 1 year old session and we fell in love with this little girl!

we absolutely loved her lovely rainbow tutu dress and she just looked like a baby princess in Disney!

We can’t help ourselves sharing these cute photos of her with everyone, she’s a cutie!

1 Year Old + Baby, Hanbok

Siwu’s 1st birthday session!

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It’s very rewarding for us when we get the opportunity to work with our wedding couples even after their wedding day!

Also, we took their maternity pictures last year when he was with mom~! We got to do another 1 year shoot with these beautiful family! Isn’t he soooo cute?

1 Year Old + Baby, Hanbok

Introduce Brendan!

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Look at Brendan, he looks so gorgeous with his beautiful hanbok! Hanbok is a traditional Korean outfit that babies wear for their 1st birthday. This big boy was such a energetic and happy boy who made everyone laugh all the time. We enjoyed working with Brendan’s family!

100 Days Baby

Say hello to this cutie pie!!

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Say hello to this cutie pie, Reon! Reon is now 100 days old, so his family decided to make great memories for him. This little guy matched a baby bear costume with his daddy and it’s soooo cute!

We enjoyed so much working with little bunny, Reon!

100 Days Baby

Meet Clara, 100 days old!

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We love this cutie pie, Clara! She is now 3 months old and she made everyone happy with her precious smile. It was a definitely pleasure to work with this wonderful family, come visit us again!


Newborn, only 10 days old!!

006-TAN21485 029-TAN21544 017-TAN16393

Max is only 10 days old and we got to do his newborn session, so excited! It’s so wondrous to witness a newborn who just came out to the world.

Tangram studio specializes newborn photos with 10+ years of experiences and you will cherish these special moments for your baby for a long time!