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1 Year Old + Baby, Hanbok

Hanbok mini session with Eun hoo

we are so exited to share with you guys Hanbok mini session which is perfect for person who looking for simple and essential Dol party moment. i photographed this cutie on our Hanbok mini session since i captured so many amazing moment, here are a few of my favorite photos! 

Birthday Party

Another birthday party fun!

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Owen’s family threw a great dol party for their little one, Owen. Owen is now 1 year old, so everyone came to celebrate his first birthday! The party was a full of fun and laughter!

Here’s some quick snaps for Owen’s dol party at Lemontree. Congratulations, Owen!

1 Year Old + Baby, Hanbok

Meet princess Olivia!

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This precious baby girl, Olivia came to our studio for her 1 year old session and we fell in love with this little girl!

we absolutely loved her lovely rainbow tutu dress and she just looked like a baby princess in Disney!

We can’t help ourselves sharing these cute photos of her with everyone, she’s a cutie!

Birthday Party

Welcome to Lincon’s Dol Party!

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Lincon’s 1st dol party was a full of joy! This handsome boy, Lincon is finally 1 year old, so his family held a wonderful birthday party for him in a traditional Korean way- Dol party. Everyone wished Lincon’s healthy and happiness as they celebrated his first birthday together. Happy birthday, Lincon!!