3 to 10 Months Old Baby, Family Photo

Leo 3 Month Baby

Say Hello to adorable Mr. Leo! He was such a cutie at his 3 Month Milestone session last week. The thing we love about photographing slightly older babies is their little personalities are really starting to show, and Leo here was no exception. He watched me, we “talked”, we giggled, and we may have cried a little bit.

It was such a joy getting to photograph sweet Leo, and meeting his lovely family! If you aren’t sure about booking a traditional newborn session, a 3-4 Month Milestone session may be the perfect fit. Milestone sessions are much faster, we don’t need to worry about getting baby to sleep, and we can do baby talk like an expert.

1 Year Old + Baby, Family Photo

Miran 2 Years Old Boy !

Welcoming kiddos back to our studio! The last time we photographed him was for him 1 year session. Now he is an adorable and vivacious 2 year old and we had SO much fun! We started with some pictures of the entire family, and then some of Miran 

1 Year Old + Baby, Smash Cake

Emma 1 Year Old Boy

Your little baby is celebrating their first birthday and turning the big O-N-E! Cake Smash sessions are a great way to celebrate such a big milestone. There’s a short family session and then the actual cake eating and smashing. We’re now offering a bubble bath add-on for some Splashing Fun! We’ve created a detailed baby price guide…


Moran, Maternity

Thank you for coming back to our studio! Time flies! I did her 1st maternity photos 2 year ago, now she brought their toddler son. Congratulations on 2nd pregnancy! In my line of work, dealing with toddlers is a frequent occurrence. In my personal life, dealing with toddlers is a frequent occurrence (ha!). Basically, you just never quite know what you’re going to get, and neither do the parents. This soon to be big brother was a gem. An absolute model toddler. He wasn’t timid at all and easily snuggled with her mama and smiled gleefully at the camera. Mama herself was glowing with all the things beautiful about pregnancy.