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1 Year Old + Baby, Smash Cake

Emma 1 Year Old Boy

Your little baby is celebrating their first birthday and turning the big O-N-E! Cake Smash sessions are a great way to celebrate such a big milestone. There’s a short family session and then the actual cake eating and smashing. We’re now offering a bubble bath add-on for some Splashing Fun! We’ve created a detailed baby price guide…

1 Year Old + Baby, Smash Cake

Izzy’s smash cake session

I cannot believe that this adorable little baby already turned 1 year! i have been photohraphinh her and her family since she was 7 monts old and have seen her grow up before my eyes. it’s truly amazing hot fast time flies

Such a beautiful little girl! i loved this cake smash session!

1 Year Old + Baby, Smash Cake

Venice’s First Birthday Cake smash

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Let’s celebrated this gorgeous little one’s Happy Birthday! we can’t help falling love with her beautiful expression during photo shoot.

her sister came along to not only witness this little party but  help her out bit icing mess!

1 Year Old + Baby, Hanbok, Smash Cake

Meet Braiden and his siblings!

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These little nuggets wanted to snuggle each other on that comfy bed so long! Braiden, who just turned to 1 year old is the youngest of his family!

One of the privileges being the youngest of the family is that he is the cutest one! Braiden had so much fun with his siblings for his 1st birthday

and he got to taste his birthday cake for the very first time!! Guess what? he LOVED it! We were happy to make another great memories for Braiden’s family.