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Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Yoonjae’s dol party!

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Here’s another Yoonjae’s dol party snaps at Lemontree. We’ve shared Yoonjae’s 1st birthday session in our studio before and now we’d like to share fun birthday party photos

at our next door, Lemontree! This lovely baby girl had a great birthday party with many many blessings from all guests. We are so happy to be present in her first birthday!

Happy birthday princess Yoonjae!

Birthday Party

Another birthday party fun!

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Owen’s family threw a great dol party for their little one, Owen. Owen is now 1 year old, so everyone came to celebrate his first birthday! The party was a full of fun and laughter!

Here’s some quick snaps for Owen’s dol party at Lemontree. Congratulations, Owen!

Birthday Party

Weekends are for birthday party!

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you know weekends are for birthday parties! We got to capture another fun birthday party. This time, our client was a lovely baby girl, Averie!

Averie turned to one year old and her family threw a wonderful birthday party for her at Lemontree. The party was a full of yummy foods, pretty cakes, and great guests- It was a fun birthday party indeed!

Birthday Party

Dashiell’s 1st dol party snaps!

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Witnessing a baby’s 1st birthday is something to remember for a long time. This little guy, Dashiell had his first birthday party and it was very successful!

The party was decorated in blue dolphin theme, which is his favorite animal and of course, he loved it!! Tangram studio always tries to capture every little details and we strives for the best shots that you and your baby will cherish for the life time. Again, we congratulate Dashiell’s 1st birthday!!

Birthday Party

Little fairy, Hazel’s 1st birthday party snaps!

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It’s a little fairy’s birthday! beloved Hazel had her 1st birthday party at Lemontree and it was such a beautiful party! Her birthday party was decorated as fairy and wood theme and it looked absolutely amazing! The party was a full of laughter and joy indeed. We wish Hazel to had a wonderful birthday, happy birthday sweet Hazel!

Birthday Party

Welcome to Lincon’s Dol Party!

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Lincon’s 1st dol party was a full of joy! This handsome boy, Lincon is finally 1 year old, so his family held a wonderful birthday party for him in a traditional Korean way- Dol party. Everyone wished Lincon’s healthy and happiness as they celebrated his first birthday together. Happy birthday, Lincon!!