1 Year Old + Baby, Family Photo, Outdoor

Let the sunshine in!

It’s perfect season for outdoor photoshooting! Let the sunshine in!
I’m so excited to share Sangmin’s family outdoor session. These kind of images are my favorite as I feel they get genuine smiles and laughs by being goofy and having fun time.
3 to 10 Months Old Baby

Cameran’s 8months

I just love this little girl with purple in love just work so well with all our natural studio colors and I love the looks.

Happy Birth day ! I just love spending time with you! : )

100 Days Baby

Hao Cheng’s 100DAYS


100 days old is a very significant milestone moment . I am so glad I had the opportunity to capture beautiful  Chinese cultural prop and images of this super cute little guy! He showed us his cute smile and loved tummy time! At end of session he fall in sleep  on mom’s chest.