1 Year Old Baby, Smash Cake, Tangram Studio

Izzy’s smash cake session

I cannot believe that this adorable little baby already turned 1 year! i have been photohraphinh her and her family since she was 7 monts old and have seen her grow up before my eyes. it’s truly amazing hot fast time flies

Such a beautiful little girl! i loved this cake smash session!

1 Year Old Baby, Family Photo, Tangram Studio


The photo sessions with Evan make me so happy because he cracks up at everything I do.  I love having a captive audience!  I have a giant smile just looking these over these images!

1 Year Old Baby, Family Photo, Tangram Studio


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Naomi is such a sweet, happy and beautiful little lady now! I have been blessed to be the one to photograph this family throughout Naomi’s first year and hope to watch this family grow

1 Year Old Baby, Tangram Studio


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I couldn’t help but share these adorable pictures with you of Luvia’s 1 year session, She’s not only perfect model for our angel wings prop also Hanbok!